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flexi plan

the flexible tax services

scale plan

the scalable tax services

Flexible solution is available for members only.

The annual price of the membership is £250 per year and it is automatically renewed or cancellation.

What’s included in membership:

  • 1 hour initial free consultation to assess your case and take your instructions

  • Speak to member of the team responsible for your work and arrange online meetings

  • Control over your budget- you only pay for the hours agree and purchased in advance

  • Fixed hourly rate for members only (no hidden extra)

  • Reserved members only hourly rate £250 per hour. Non members rate £450.00 per hour (all rates are exclusive of VAT)

  • Barrister opinion available, via direct access, additional hours are required and agreed before instructions are given

  • Communication through secured client portal

  • No need to change your existing Accountants, Solicitors, or other professional advisors

  • Our advice is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Professional fee protection – available (only if we file your personal self-assessment or corporate tax return)

  • If you cancel the service after we have commenced any unused hours will be refunded in full

  • Monthly or quarterly tax and other business updates

  • Ability to subscribe to any of our Scale plan

  • Participation in cultural, social, rewards or other community programs

  • £5.00 of each hour purchased is paid to your designated charity


Flexible solution is available for members only. The annual price of the membership is £250 per year and it is automatically renewed until further notice or cancellation subject to 30 days’ notice


  1. We are obliged to carry out due diligence in compliance with the Money Laundering legislation, (MLR). A copy of your proof of ID and 2 proof of address will be required. This can be uploaded to the client portal.

  2. To be covered by the Fee Protection Insurance in the event of an enquiry into your affairs associated to the work we have carried out we must have filed your Self-Assessment, Corporate or Individual, Tax Return. This will require you completing and filing with HMRC an agent appointment form 64-4 (limited to either of or all of; Income and Capital Gains Tax, Corporation Tax, VAT, PAYE, and Inheritance Tax.)

  3. Our Professional Indemnity insurance covers the advice we provide limited to £500,000 per claim.

  4. Barristers are instructed under direct assess and their opinion are privileged to you as the instructing client, which is shared with LEXeFISCAL LLP, as agents.

  5. If any follow up conference is required with the Barrister additional hours will be required, unless the barrister waive his/her charge.

  6. Should any third party advice is required we will make a recommendation and you will be able to agree with the respective professional his/her professional fees and make payment direct.

Get Ready: £4,000 per annum or £350 per month

  • 1 hour consultation

  • Business Plan

  • Marketing Plan

  • Choice of business structure (company/sole trader/partnership/LLP/or other)

  • Incorporating your business structure or appropriate agreement (Partnership)

  • Terms of business

  • Company secretarial service (issuing shares, first board minutes, confirmation statement)

  • Registered office

  • Bank introduction

  • Registering with authorities (HMRC)


Lets Go: £5,500 per annum or £500 per month


  • All of Get Ready (plus)

  • Accounting system set up

  • Annual accounts

  • VAT returns (MTD)

  • (one) Individual annual self-assessment

  • Company Corporation tax return

  • Unlimited telephone support

  • 1-hour meetings per annum

Step Up: £8,000 per annum or £750 per month

  • All of Lets Go (plus)

  • Employ personnel: tax registration PAYE

  • Management accounts(six monthly basis)

  • Business and marketing plan review (at an additional fixed fee of £750)

  • VAT compliance (any VAT investigation or compliance check fee to be agree)

  • Employment contract (up to 3 contracts)

  • Administering: payroll (up to 3 employees)

  • Employment handbook

  • 1 hour tax planning review meetings per annum

  • Implementation of tax planning (cost to be agreed from £2,500)

  • Tax investigation (cost to agreed, if not covered under our firm fee protection policy available)


Move-on : From £5,000 per service.

  • Unlimited telephone consultations

  • Meeting as appropriate

  • Dedicated account manager

Selling your business

Buying a business

Asset sale or purchase

Taking on a new partner or shareholder

Inheritance tax planning and estate planning

Double Tax Issue. (Income Tax, corporation, or Inheritance Tax)

Incorporation outside the United Kingdom

Establishing a branch or subsidiary in or outside the United Kingdom

Making a will and or Lasting Power of Attorney (from £500.00)

Divorce or separation Family law issues (not provided directly partner service

Transfer pricing issues

Expanding aboard (repatriating of profits)

Raising capital

Royalty planning

Franchising your business

Cross boarder VAT issues (not provided directly partner service)

Recognising and documenting your intellectual assets

Protecting your intellectual assets

Improving your balance sheet (recognising intellectual assets)

UK Director service (fee from £15,000 per annum)

Business management consultancy (not provided direct partner service)

Restructuring your business

Company voluntary arrangements (not provided directly partner service)


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